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Case file 3 - Lynsey Quy

lyndsey-quy-picMy first murder mystery actually came to me in a strange dream. In my sleep I heard a phone ring and suddenly a woman with long dark hair appeared. She pleaded with me to help police find her body and killer. I was stunned when I realized this spirit visitor was twenty-one year old Lynsey Quy who at that time in 1999 had been missing for more than a year. Her story was in all the media and became one of the biggest searches in England during the late ‘90s.

Lynsey came to me in a series of visions and showed me her body was "carnaged" during her murder. She showed me two locations which puzzled me, but made sense later. I followed her trail of clues and wound up right outside the house where Lynsey lived with her husband and two children.

Over several months, I continued to physically follow up with information fed to me by Lynsey Quy's spirit. She told me her husband killed her and his brother helped chop up her body and bury her torso at the fairground and her arms and legs by the railway line.

I took this information to police and still have the receipt for my statement. I was frustrated police did not follow up on my meticulous information, so I wrote a letter to the chief inspector Bob Marsden and took it to the police station in person. I never heard from him.

psychic-investigators-logoFive months later, Marsden was replaced with a new chief inspector named Jeff Sloane who never saw my information. Police eventually pressured Lynsey's husband Mitchell into a confession and indeed they located her body parts at the fairground and near the railway tracks.

My information was stunningly correct and it was a valuable start to my crime detective work. I later talked about my experience with Lynsey Quy in a television episode of Psychic Investigators which aired on Living TV and The Biography Channel.

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