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Case file 2 - Shannon Cunningham

Shannon Cunningham CasePrecious Shannon Cunningham was only three months old when she was savagely murdered by her own father.  A criminal justice firm hired me to help find her killer and it became one of my most emotionally difficult cases. The private detective brought me to the home of Colin Cunningham, the uncle of baby Shannon's father Scott.  Scott and Shannon's mother ShJoe Power on the Shannon Cunningham caseelley Wright were living at Colin's house when Shannon was found with horrific injuries.

Although Scott was already behind bars for the murder, he maintained he was innocent.  Yet with the vibes in that house and visions from baby Shannon's spirit, I picked up he was very much guilty. The Criminal Justice Firm asked if I would meet Scott in Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight. I did in deed Visit him with one of the detectives and his aura showed me the gruesome reality that played out the night of her death. I saw Scott slamming his infant daughter on the floor cracking her skull. He continued his rough treatment until the final blow came in the kitchen. I was actually shown a candlestick with blood on it which was eventually found.

I feel the right man is in prison and know Shannon is still very much alive on the other side.

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