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Case file 1 Shannon Matthews

pfshannonmathews19The case of Shannon Matthews was headline news all over the country in March of 2008. The nine-year-old Dewsbury girl vanished while walking home from a school trip which launched the largest missing person search in Britain's history. Shannon's mother Karen made numerous tearful appeals in the media for her daughter's safe return.

I got involved with the case when The People Newspaper asked me to accompany them to the area where Shannon went missing and they would document what I psychically perceived.

I sensed that Shannon got into a car with someone she knew. I had a strong vision that she was with her abductor at a recent funeral and sat on his lap.  I met with Karen and her boyfriend Craig Meehan at their house and held some of Shannon's clothing. I told them the abductor was connected with Craig and was named Mick or Michael. Craig squirmed at this insight and left the room. I heard the name Paul and the town of Batley. When I relayed this to Karen, she nervously rose and went to talk with Craig in the kitchen.

The information obviously hit too close to home. Six days later, police busted down the door at a home in Batley and found Shannon hidden under a bed. Craig's uncle Mick Donovan who also went by the name of Paul Drake was arrested and charged with kidnapping and imprisonment.

With the perpetrator behind bars, the story unfolded. Shannon did indeed sit on Mick Donovan's lap at a recent funeral and shockingly, Karen knew where Shannon was all along. Craig Meehan was arrested for harbouring child pornography on his computer and later police arrested Karen, the trial continues.

The British media interviewed me extensively about the Shannon Matthews case. It truly shows how accurate my guides are when I work with them on criminal cases. I trust what is presented to me and continue my adamant participation in crime mysteries.

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