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Joe Power was born different. His amazing psychic ability began in infancy and expanded quickly to include mind-boggling visions, out-of-body travels, auras, premonitions and a motley array of constant spirit visitors.Through the years, Joe Power learned he possesses the full array of psychic skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. He sees, hears and communicates with the spirit world with incredible ease.
Joe Power uses these gifts in celebrities readings which have included such names as Rock Legend David Essex, Coleen Rooney, Margi Clarke and Gold Medallist Boxer Tom Stalker to name a few. He also uses his mediumship and psychic abilities in Private readings, Television, his theatre tours and as a Psychic Investigator having worked with police forces around the world.  His detective work has lead him to work with private detectives inside a prision in the UK on a high profile murder case.

Joe has an amazing gift to heal! he uses his natural gift to align, strengthen, cleanse and reapir your Aura. 

“The Man Who Sees Dead People” is Joe Power's best selling book, published by Penguin books and can be bought through Amazon and other online sites. Joe provides astounding information from the spirit realm that explains and inspires and helps others through teaching courses, private readings and gives messages in his shows throughout the UK and Ireland. Joe's focus is to use his innate abilities to assist and advance our world and has set up SixSense Academy, the international academy of spiritual education with branches in Liverpool, Ireland and Spain.

On Television Joe's numerous appearances include loose Women ITV, BBC, Psychic Investigators LIVING TV & BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL , BBLB CHANNEL 4, Kimi Wa Break TBS JAPAN, Show Biz Tonight CNN,  The Spirit of John Lennon Broadcast across USA, News & Interviews on CNN CBS USA, ITV & BBC & Ireland AM. See media page for more Television and radio appearances.
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